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los angeles bike paths
Orange Line Busway Bike Path
The San Fernando Valley Commuter Corridor

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With a few breaks, this path parallels the new Orange Line Busway across the Valley, and,
as you can see, ties in nicely with the Sepulveda Dam path. Thomas Guide, pp. 530-32, 562.

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Orange Line Intro It's not very scenic, and since it's interrupted by cross streets and traffic lights every few blocks, it's hardly a "destination" bike path. On the other hand, if you're using it as a commuter or transportation route, why wouldn't you just hop on the Orange Line bus? (You can store your bike in one of the handy lockers, or take it with you on the bus - they all have racks on front.)

Anyway, it's there and it's well-lit and nicely-maintained, so far.

Just west of Sepulveda, the bike path dips down to join a service road to get under the 405; but when it comes up on the other side is gets to the prettiest section - curvy, with trees, grass, and benches - this the mile or so between Balboa and Sepulveda. Curvy Section

Dip Under Sepulveda
Above:Path dips to go under Sepulveda.

Left: The prettiest section of the path.

And here's where you can link up with the Sepulveda Dam bike path.

Link to Sepulveda Dam Bike Path
One of the Orange Line Stations Where the Path Crosses Woodley
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